Haalilio - Ali`i Letters

Haalilio, Timoteo - Ali`i Letters - 1837.08.19 - to Chamberlain, Levi

Timoteo Haʻalilio urges Mr. Levi Chamberlain to get his cargo to the ship Harieta before it sails.

Haalilio, Timoteo - Ali`i Letters - 1843 - to Haalilio's Mother

In this response to a letter from his mother, Haʻalilio explains how her letter brought comfort to him in a foreign land. He reflects upon his love and gratitude for her and for his king, and his hope to meet again in person.

Haalilio, Timoteo - Ali`i Letters - 1844.02.20 - to Richards, William

Haʻalilio, in Brussels, writes to Richards, elsewhere in Europe, thanking him for his recent letter, saying how much he misses him, and informing him of his general status.