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Ii_1827XXXX_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain regarding four individuals hoping to join the Poʻahā.

Ii_18270912_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain repeating a request for ink. On the back page of this letter there are a few un-contextualized equations.

John Papa ʻĪʻī requests Rev. Hiram Bingham to counsel ʻĪʻī's wife, Hiwauli, regarding the roles of husband and wife according to the teachings of God. He also reports on the status of church efforts in Kaʻawaloa.

Ii_18290221_to unknown.pdf
John Papa ʻĪʻī recounts the actions of drunk foreigners who, blaming the missionaries for the ban on prostitution, destroyed property of the chiefs and attempted to attack Rev. Hiram Bingham.

Ii_18320301_to Chamberlain.pdf
John Papa ʻĪʻī writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain about a man and a woman who wish to join the Poʻahā.

Ii_18370427_to Andrews.pdf
John ‘Īʻī informs Rev. Lorrin Andrews of Elizabeth Kīnaʻu's interest in his English texts, and her request for copies for herself.

Ii_18371228_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ‘Īʻī asks Mr. Levi Chamberlain to provide Kīnaʻu with flour.

Ii_18430406_to Cooke.pdf
John Papa ‘Ī‘ī writes to Mr. and Mrs. Amos Cooke to inform them of their arrival in Lahaina with the boys from the Chiefs' Children's School and tells of their activities there.

Ii_18430410_to Cooke.pdf
ʻĪʻī writes to Amos and Juliette Cooke at the Chief's Children's School in Honolulu, informing them about things in Lahaina, where he and Dr. Judd are traveling with students from the school.

Ii_18430412_to Cooke.pdf
Ioane ʻĪʻī writes to Amos Cooke about his activities with students from the Chiefs' Children's School while on a visit to Maui.
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