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Cemetary Biography QR Code Project




Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Library at the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives.


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William Kanui<br /><br />
There are three names on Kanui’s memorial stone: Kanui, his birth name, meaning, The Big or Great One; William, a name given him by an American ship’s captain when he sailed as crew, and Tennooe, an anglicization of Kanui, used by his American…

A unobtrusive grave stone commemorates the first burial in the Kawaiaha‘o cemetery missionary plot. A white common stone rectangle about 18 inches tall is marked with an inscription chiseled by a stone worker with the words of pioneer Hawai‘i…

Ms. Alexander is best known as the first Bahá’i of Hawai`i and the missioner who carried the faith to Japan and eastern Asia.
She was the youngest of five children born to William DeWitt Alexander* and Abigail Charlotte (Baldwin) Alexander and…

In the fall of 1832, Meredith Gairdner, a young Scots doctor, journeyed south from his home in Edinburgh to Kew, home to the Royal Horticultural Society’s collection of plant specimens on the outskirts of London. He had studied under Sir William…
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