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Mission Memorial Cemetery Biographies

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Agnes Baldwin Alexander
Agnes Baldwin Alexander (July 21, 1875 - January 1, 1971)
Ms. Alexander is best known as the first Bahá’i of Hawai`i and the missioner who carried the faith to Japan and eastern Asia.
She was the youngest of five children born to William DeWitt…

Anna Charlotte Rice Cooke
Anna Charlotte Rice Cooke (September 5, 1853 - August 8, 1934)

Anna Rice Cooke founded the wonderful Honolulu Museum of Art. The youngest child of missionaries William and Mary Sophia Rice, she lived a simple life as a child but later traveled,…

Artemas Bishop
Artemas Bishop (December 30, 1795 - December 18, 1872)
For over two years young Artemas Bishop felt the call to missionary service while engaged in his studies at Union College, New York, and later Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. “It…

Charlotte Fowler Baldwin
Charlotte Fowler Baldwin (November 7, 1805 - October 2, 1873)

Charlotte Baldwin came to the islands of Hawaiʻi with her husband of six months in the fourth company of missionaries sent by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,…

Juliette Montague Cooke
Juliette Montague Cooke (March 10, 1812 - August 11, 1896)

Juliette Montague was a resourceful young woman in Sunderland, Massachusetts when she met Amos Starr Cooke in 1835. She had lost her father ten years earlier and had immediately begun…

Maria Ogden
Maria Ogden (February 17, 1792 - April 3, 1874)

“By her own estimate, she had under her training in her various schools over a thousand Hawaiian girls.” So ran the article in The Friend, the mission newspaper, of Maria Ogden.

Miss Ogden grew up…
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