HMCSL Hawaiian Language Imprints


HMCSL Hawaiian Language Imprints


The Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Library's Hawaiian Language Imprints Collection contains published titles in 'Ōlelo Hawaiian anywhere in the world between 1822-1899.

The majority of this collection is not digitized. If you would like to view the rest of the collection, contact [email protected]

Image "N-1218 - Alphabet. Photograph "shows the first page of the first book printer by Elisha Loomis on the Mission press, January 1822. 




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Collection Items

No Ke Kalaiaina (Political Economy)
Translation of Francis Wayland's The Elements of Political Economy by William Richards (1793-1847).

O Ka Hulipoepoe (The Globe)
Translation of Thomas Keith's Study of the Globes by Lorrin Andres (1795-1868).

Ke Ao Heluhelu (A School Reader)
Hawaiian language reader translated from various sources.

Na Haawina Mua O Ka Hoailona Helu (On Algebra)
Two works issued together: the first is a translation of Ebenezar Bailey's First Lessons in Algebra by Artemas Bishop (1795-1872); the second is Lorrin Andrew's Ke Anahonua (Geometry).

Ke Ao Spela (The Speller)
A Hawaiian language speller written by Edward Johnson.

He Hoakakaolelo No Na Huaolelo Beritania (A Dictionary of English Words)
English-Hawaiian dictionary written by John Smith Emerson as an abridged translation of Webster's Abridgement. From the letter O to the end, it is written by Reverend Artemas Bishop.

He Huinahelu (A Combined Arithmetic)
Translation of George Leonard's A Practical Treatise on Arithmetic by Artemas Bishop (1795-1872).

Grammar of the Hawaiian Language
A Hawaiian language textbook for foreign speakers in English.

He Buke Wehiwehi Huaolelo Baibala (Bible Dictionary)
Translation of William Wilberforce Rand's Bible Dictionary by Ephraim Weston Clark (1799-1878).
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