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Ii_18470302_to Ten Eyck.pdf
John ʻĪʻī expresses to Commissioner Ten Eyck his objections to a proposed treaty.

Ii_XXXXXXXX_to Gulick.pdf
John Papa ʻĪʻī asks Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick to relieve him of duties in the church.

Ii_XXXXXXXX_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī writes to Mr. Chamberlain regarding four dollars given to ʻĪʻī for female retainers.

Ii_18691215_to Luna.pdf
John Papa ʻĪʻī writes to the chairman of the Island Ministerial Conference concerning the serial he is writing for the newspaper, local updates, and outstanding newspaper monies.

Ii_18690809_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī writes to Warren Chamberlain to clear up confusion around newspaper money that has gone unaccounted for.

Ii_18690806_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī informs Warren Chamberlain about a new delivery man and his activities.

Ii_18681228_to Gulick.pdf
John ʻĪʻī responds to Luther Gulick notifying him about a change in staff at Ka Nupepa Kuokoa.

Ii_18440307_to Unknown.pdf
ʻĪʻī writes to someone regarding his collecting of a $36 payment for a debt that Peter Gulick had to Abner Pākī.

Ii_18430710_to Baldwin.pdf
ʻĪʻī writes to Baldwin from Honolulu, informing him of his travel plans, of ships in Honolulu, and requesting a copy of Baldwin's translation of recent statements by Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli) to Lord Paulet.

Ii_18430616_to Cooke.pdf
John Papa ‘Ī‘ī writes to Amos Cooke concerning the receipt of letters, foreign affairs, and issues with Lord G. Paulet.
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