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Kauikeaouli_18370723_to Unknown.pdf
Kamehameha III acknowledges a clarification in a diplomatic instrument being negotiated with Lord Edward Russel regarding British subjects in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Kauikeaouli_XXXXXXXX_to Caroline Island Chiefs.pdf
Kauikeaouli writes the chiefs of the Caroline Islands to inform them that a company of missionaries will be departing from Hawai‘i to teach in the Caroline Islands.

Kauikeaouli_18420904_to Mallet.pdf
Kauikeaouli’s response to Mallet’s letter (written Sept. 1st)
refuting Captain Mallet's allegations that the terms of the treaties signed with France were not upheld.

Kauikeaouli_18420901_from Mallet.pdf
Captain Mallet of the French ship Embuscade writes to Kauikeaouli regarding the treatment of Roman Catholics and French citizens in the Hawaiian Kingdom, reminding him of specific articles of the treaties with France signed on the 12th and 17th of…

Kauikeaouli_18370617_to Jones.pdf
Kauikeaouli’s response to Jones' letter (June 16, 1837) denying accusations that Jones had made, and further explaining events that led up to the current situation.

Kauikeaouli_18370616_from Jones.pdf
A lengthy letter in response to Kauikeaouli’s explanation of the Roman Catholic issue to John Jones. Jones refutes and protests many of Kauikeaouli’s claims. Jones claims his interest is strictly to uphold his duties and consul and represent the…

Kauikeaouli_18370614_to Jones.pdf
Kauikeaouli's response to John Jones with regards to the Roman Catholic priests being forced upon the Clementine. Kauikeaouli explains events that led up to the present issue, and expresses his disapproval of the Roman Catholic religion in the…

Kauikeaouli_18370524_from Jones.pdf
Jones writes Kauikeaouli with regards to his protest of forcing two Roman Catholic priests aboard the Clementine.

Kauikeaouli_18370523_from Jones.pdf
A letter from United States consul John Jones to Kauikeaouli concerning the complaint of an American citizen (Mr. William French) with regards to the seizure of the Brig Clementine. This file includes responses from Kauikeaouli, and letters between…

Kauikeaouli_18250720_to Unknown.pdf
Kauikeaouli expresses his devotion to the word of God. Haleki‘i also expresses his appreciation and devotion to the word of God.
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