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Kinau_18390112_to Van Buren.pdf
A letter from Kīna‘u to the President of the United States, Martin Van Buren regarding the conduct of the American consul in the Hawaiian Islands with regards to the marriage law and including letters about the incident on the part of the Hawaiian…

Kinau_18371103_from Maigret.pdf
In response to Kīnaʻu's letter to Maigret and Murphy, Jules Dudoit brought a letter from L. Maigret and then proceeds to have a long discussion with Kīnaʻu regarding Dudoit's willingness to put up a bond to ensure that L. Maigret will leave Hawaiʻi…

Kinau_18371102_to Spanish Subjects.pdf
Kīna‘u replies to the passengers of the Europa. She allows the Spanish subjects to come ashore, but she further investigates the English and French subjects. Through various correspondence, she discovers that the French subject is indeed a Roman…

Kinau_18371102_to Capt of the Europa.pdf
Kīna‘u inquires of the Captain to make known the passengers on his ship, for French subjects are not allowed in Hawai‘i if they are connected with the Roman Catholic religion.

Kinau_18371102_from Maiget and Murphy.pdf
Murphy and Maigret sign a letter saying they will abide by the laws of the land.

Kinau_18371030_from Dudoit.pdf
Jules Dudoit writes Kīna‘u inquiring whether or not “Frenchmen” are forbidden from landing in Hawai‘i, for a Bishop and five priests are to arrive, consisting of English and French subjects. It is noted in the notes after this letter that Kīna‘u…

Kinau_18311102_from Spanish Subjects.pdf
Spanish passengers on the Europa tell Kīna‘u of their intentions when they disembark from the ship.

Kinau_XXXXXXXX_to Unknown.pdf
This document contains a list of names with no context.

Kinau_XXXXXXXX_to Chamberlain_2.pdf
Kīna‘u asks Mr. Chamberlain’s assistance with language.

Kinau_XXXXXXXX_to Chamberlain.pdf
Kīna‘u requests white paint and copper from Mr. Chamberlain.
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