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Liholiho_18550711_to Armstrong.pdf
Kamehameha IV informs R. Armstrong that he approves an application for a $10,000 grant for Oahu College.

Liholiho_18500524_to Hubbard.pdf
Alexander Liholiho expresses his appreciation to William Hubbard for the hospitality he received in Boston.

Liholiho_18500401_to Bates.pdf
Alexander Liholiho writes Mrs. Bates about his stay in France, letters he has received and those that may have been lost.

Liholiho_18500608_to Bates.pdf
Alexander writes Mrs. Bates from New York about letters he received from Hawai‘i, the experiences of the traveling party in Boston and New York and how much he longs to return home to Hawai‘i.
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