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Kalama_18380825_to Unknown.pdf
S.P. Kalama writes to Ke Kumu Hawaii requesting support for students at Lahainaluna, who need school supplies.

Kalama_18380813_to Ke Kumu Hawaii.pdf
S.P. Kalama provides an overview of world religions for publication in the newspaper, Ke Kumu Hawaii.

Kalama_18380804_to Ke Kumu Hawaii.pdf
Kalama compares a group of women to Sadducees and Pharisees, and then links them to tobacco smokers in Lahaina.

Kalama_18380622_to Na Kumu Ao Hawaii.pdf
The writer, likely S.P. Kalama, urges the Hawaiian teachers to keep in touch and report through letters.

Kalama_18380619_to Unknown.pdf
Kalama discusses his embarrassment at lack of a relevant message for a speech that was assigned to him at Lahainaluna.

Kalama_18380618_to Ke Kumu Hawaii.pdf
Kalama submits an article to the newspaper Ke Kumu Hawaii regarding the globe and offering suggestions for improving Ke Kumu Hawaii.
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