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On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Hawaiian Mission Houses featured the district of Wai‘anae and presented Moon Kauakahi, Mel Amina, and Ken Makuakane along with Aunty Alice Greenwood, Aunty Alice Maku‘e, Aunty Lucy Gay and the kupuna of Wai‘anae. Kumu Hula…

On July 11, 2015, the Hawaiian Mission Houses Mele Wahi Pana featured the district of Honolulu and presented artists Manu Boyd, Kaipo Hale, and Ken Makuakane. Boyd’s Ha-lau O Ke ‘A‘ali‘i Ku- Makani and Kumu ‘Ohu Gon and his ha-lau oli Na- Wa‘a…

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, Hawaiian Mission Houses' Mele Wahi Pana 2015 featured the district of Waialua and musicians Ken Makuakane, Aaron Mahi, and George Kuo. They shared the stage with commentators Thomas Shirai, Kanani Awai, and Keith Awai…

This Mele Wahi Pana concert performance will send you on a journey to the legendary Waikiki beach on the south shore, retreat of royalty and tourist playground. Waikiki brings to mind the surf, with the famous breaks, the seat of governance for…

Buke Mele Hawaii i ka Hoonanea o na Home.pdf
A collection of Hawaiian and English songs compiled by John Keakaokalani Ailau.

He moolelo hooniua puuwai no Olando Kaaka.pdf
"A heart-stirring tale of Orlando Kaaka, the youth that dwelt in the forest, skilled in the use of rifles, tender-hearted and brave" (title page), written by W.D. Alexander, Jr. and translated by F. Metcalf.

Grammar of the Hawaiian Language.pdf
A Hawaiian language textbook for foreign speakers in English.

Ke Ao Heluhelu.pdf
Hawaiian language reader translated from various sources.

Ka wehewehehala.pdf
A book discussing Biblical teachings on the remission of sins.

Boki_18260124_to unknown.pdf
Supposedly a letter from Boki to someone in Britain reporting some general news from Hawaiʻi, and emphasizing that Rev. Hiram Bingham is wanting to exercise total control over the Hawaiian people, something he firmly opposes. Boki denies writing this…
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