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Hewahewa_18300729_to Chamberlain.pdf
Hewahewa writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain to affirm his ongoing faith in God.

Hoapilikane_18271024_to Kaahumanu.pdf
Hoapilikāne writes to Kaʻahumanu, Regent of the Hawaiian Kingdom, regarding the incident with Captain Clark, regarding native women boarding foreign vessels in opposition to the chiefs' laws.

Hoapiliwahine_18271109_to unknown.pdf
Hoapiliwahine and Hoapilikāne testify regarding Wahinepio's sale of Leoiki to Captain Buckle.

Ii_18270912_to Chamberlain.pdf
John ʻĪʻī writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain repeating a request for ink. On the back page of this letter there are a few un-contextualized equations.

John Papa ʻĪʻī requests Rev. Hiram Bingham to counsel ʻĪʻī's wife, Hiwauli, regarding the roles of husband and wife according to the teachings of God. He also reports on the status of church efforts in Kaʻawaloa.

Ii_18290221_to unknown.pdf
John Papa ʻĪʻī recounts the actions of drunk foreigners who, blaming the missionaries for the ban on prostitution, destroyed property of the chiefs and attempted to attack Rev. Hiram Bingham.

Kaahumanu_18301020_to Chamberlain.pdf
Kaʻahumanu writes to Mr. Chamberlain informing him of their meeting with church members and sending regards to the chiefs and missionary families.

Kahuhu_18260513_to Chamberlain.pdf
James Kahuhu asks Mr. Chamberlain for forty alphabet primers for his students and comments on how efforts are being made to turn the Hawaiian people to the word of God.

Kahuhu_18260520_to Chamberlain.pdf
James Kahuhu sends his regards to some, notes the death of others, and requests a hand written copy of a letter. In the letter cover, Kahuhu requests ten knives.

Kahuhu_18260527_to Chamberlain.pdf
James Kahuhu writes to Levi Chamberlain to request primers, hymnals and clarification on Biblical material.
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