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HMSCL_Micronesia_Gulick, Luther Halsey_34.pdf
Gulick, Luther Halsey. Letters from Ponape, Caroline Islands; hand-drawn maps of Strong’s Island (Kusaie) and Bonabe (Ponape). English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Kaaia, Samuela P._50.pdf
Kaaia, Samuela P. Letters and reports from Arno, Marshall Islands and Tabiteuea, Gilbert Islands. Hawaiian language, not translated.

HMCSL_Micronesia_KAAIA, Samuela P._49_Eng Translation.pdf
Kaaia, Samuela P. Letters from the Marshall Islands to J.F. Pogue. Hawaiian language, not translated.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Kaai, David_48.pdf
Kaai, David. Letter from Apaiang, Gilbert Islands. Hawaiian language, not translated.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Jeremiah (first name)_47.pdf
Jeremiah (first name). Teacher at Sharon, Majuro, Marshall Islands. Letter in Hawaiian and Marshallese, not translated.
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