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Paki_18521206_to Cooke.pdf
Abner Pākī asks Mr. Amos Starr Cooke for two rocking chairs.

Paki_18430419_to Cooke.pdf
Abner Pākī responds to Mr. Cooke’s letter, laments the ill health of Mrs. Cooke and sends regards to all, especially his daughters.

Paki_18391125_to Chamberlain.pdf
Abner Pākī asks Mr. Levi Chamberlain to give money to the mate on Pākī's vessel, and Pāʻele confirms that he received the money.

Paki_18390528_to Chamberlain.pdf
Abner Pākī writes to Levi Chamberlain requesting money. ʻŌpūnui confirms payment for shipping.

Paki_18300827_to Chamberlain.pdf
Abner Pākī writes to Mr. Levi Chamberlain requesting handwriting models, upper and lower case.
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