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  • Collection: Hawaiian Mission Houses - Material Culture Collection

Hawaiian quilt, dyed a deep indigo blue. Mokihana pattern. Some faded areas and deterioration. Very fragile and worn.

American applique quilt; 4 61" long vertical rows of appliqued flowers in plain & printed fabrics, with jade green leaves, centers of flowers are embroidered with French knots, satin stitch and Stem stitch. Quilt is of white cotton fabric with 2"…

Hawaiian Quilt in the bird of paradise design, with center design of leaves and flowers; border with leaves and flowers in each corner with smaller leaf and flower design between corners. Jade green cotton fabric on plain white background, with…

Blue and white Hawaiian quilt top, basted and partially appliqued; stylized fan and Kahili design.

Patchwork quilt - two quilt tops sewn together. Tufted with white yarn. Hand stitched with white thread. Top is made from 4 1/2" blocks alternating with 9 patch blocks (4 plain patches, 5 patterned), blocks set diagonally, alternating plain and…

Quilt: Patchwork quilt - two patchwork quilt tops sewn together with a calico binding. Not quilted, but tufted with white yarn. Front side: made up of 7" blocks, alternating white and patterned (patterned blocks made up of 9 patches, 5 colored and 4…

"Lei o Kaahumanu" Hawaiian quilt (kapa) gold on white in "Kaahumanu" pattern queen size. Crown & kahili pattern with the name "Kaahumanu" in the center medallion topped with a crown. Crown motif in the four corners with kahili motif on each of the…

Quilt: Hawaiian quilt ("Dahlia" pattern per L. woodard), red on white, quilting white thread. Red fabric worn in sevral places (PRCC - repaired 09/01/1984)

(Photo included in physical accession record)

Bond Family Collection.

Block, Quilt: also known as a quilt square; appliqued quilt block; multicolored star; pattern is known as Carpenter's star/ Carpenter's wheel. Reproduction.

Education Collection

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Hawaiian Quilt: Embroidered redwork with designs of butterflies, roses, and birds. Echo quilted. Binding machine sewn. Wool batting. Verso - There's a flaw in the fabric weave. Cotton fabric, thread binding.
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