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HEA Archive_Church Records_Kawaihao Church.pdf
The Church Book of the First Church in Honolulu, Oahu (Kawaiahao Church)


HMCSL Church Records - Box 36 - Item 1 - Hakalau - Hawaii Island - Sunday School Records, 1870-1871.pdf
Sunday School Records

Contains Sunday School Statistics and names of the teachers for:
Hawaii Island: Hakalau, Kapulena, Kohala Akau, Kona Waena, Laupahoehoe, Maulua, Paauhau, Waipio, Waimea, Helani and Puako.
Kaiao: Moloaa, Waioli

HMCSL Church Records - Box 35 - Hawaiian Tract Society Records, 1841-1859.pdf
Hawaiian Tract Society Records, 1841-1859

Records, 1841 - 1859
Contains the constitution, membership list and minutes of the meetings of the Hawaiian Tract Society, an
auxiliary of the American Tract Society. The object of the…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 34 - Item 1 - Hawaiian Missionary Society, Constitution and Records, 1851-1857.pdf
Hawaiian Missionary Society, Constitution and Records, 1851-1857

3 Items

Item 1:
Constitution and Records, 1851 - 1857
The Hawaiian Missionary Society was formed to send missions to the South Pacific. The minutes cover…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 33 - Hawaii Bible and Tract Society, 1859-1863.pdf
Hawaii Bible and Tract Society

Records, 1859 - 1863
Contains the constitution and minutes of meetings of the Hawaiian Bible and Tract Society, which was formed by uniting the Hawaiian Tract Society with the Bible Society in 1859. The…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 32 - Item 14 - Book 1 - Poaha Candidates, Oahu Lists, April 18-May 1832.pdf
Poaha Candidates, Oahu
Lists, 1830-1832

Lists of individual Hawaiians who were candidates for church membership and membership in the Poaha, or weekly Thursday meeting. Some entries record individual's place of residence, sex, and name of the…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 31 - Marriage Record Book, Oahu, 1825-1830.pdf
Pastor Records
Marriage Record Book, Oahu, 1825-1830

Lists of names of Hawaiian couples for whom marriages were performed. In some cases the place is also recorded.
One bound volume. 72 pages.

Most likely Hiram Bingham record book.

HMCSL Church Records - Box 30 - Item 1 - Parish Register of the Rev. Henry P. Judd, Records of baptisms, marriages, funerals, Vol. 1 1904-1943.pdf
Pastor Records
Parish Register of the Rev. Henry P. Judd, Records of baptisms, marriages, funerals, 1904-1955

3 items
Record of baptisms, marriages, funerals, performed by the Reverend Judd on all the islands.
3 bound volumes. English…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 29 - Beckwith, Edward Griffin Pastor's Records, 1859-1900.pdf
Pastor Records
Beckwith, Edward Griffin Pastor's Records, 1859-1900

Contains marriage, baptism, funeral, and church admissions records for Dr. Beckwith's churches in Sacramento and San Francisco, 1859-1867 and 1881-1887; Waterbury, Connecticut,…

HMCSL Church Records - Box 27 - Protestant Episcopal Church, Original handwritten translation, 1864-1866.pdf
Churches By Island - Oahu
Protestant Episcopal Church
Record Book, Original handwritten translation, 1864-1866
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