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HMCSL_Micronesia_Whitney, J.F. and Louisa_129.pdf
Whitney, J.F. and Louisa. Letters and reports from Ebon, Marshall Islands. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Walkup, A.C._128.pdf
Walkup, A.C. Reports and letters from the Gilbert Islands. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Walkup, A.C._127 and 127a.pdf
Walkup, A.C. Reports and letters from the Gilbert Islands. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Vessels_Morning Star Journals_136.pdf
Vessels: “Morning Star” Journals. Asa G. Thurston, 16 Mar – 20 May 1858; Honolulu to Marquesas and back to Honolulu, Orramel H. Gulick, 25 Apr – 26 Jul 1859; Honolulu to Marquesas and back to Honolulu, 1858 – 1859. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Vessels_Morning Star_Journal_137.pdf
Vessels: “Morning Star” Journal. Author unknown. Honolulu to Micronesia and back to Honolulu. Includes a table of the names and positions of the islands of Micronesia. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Vessels_Morning Star_II_138.pdf
Vessels: “Morning Star” II. A song for the Morning Star written in Hawaiian and English by Lorenzo Lyons, 1866; correspondence regarding buying the salvage of the Morning Star, 1869. English language.

Vessels: “Kaluna” Schooner, Butaritari, Gilbert Islands. Shipping lists; also letter of Alfred Lovell, Master of schooner Kaluna, to A.O. Forbes, Secretary, Hawaiian Board of Missions.

Vessels: “Julia” Schooner. Letters and official documents. English language.

Vessels: “Jennie Walker” (ship). Letter of notice that the Jennie Walker has arrived at Jaluit, Marshall Islands. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Vessels Morning Star V_153.pdf
Vessels: “Morning Star” V. Correspondence; also printed material concerning the dedication of the Morning Star V. English language.
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