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Micronesia. Postal Accounts. Postal accounts of American missionaries in Micronesia; bound vol. English language.

Micronesia. Missionary Documents. Missionary documents relating to Micronesia, copied and arranged by Luther H. Gulick; many letters and reports bound together; includes circular letters. English language.

Micronesia. Miscellaneous. Reports by Hiram Bingham, Jr. written at the Caroline Islands, including the minutes of the general meeting of the Micronesia Mission, Ponape, 1860. English language.

Micronesia. Miscellaneous. Letters and reports; 23rd Psalm printed in Ruk language; an essay on the origin of the inhabitants of Micronesia; a report on Yap; an ordinance respecting the sale of liquor. English and Hawaiian language documents;…

Micronesia. General. Statistical Tables. Miscellaneous. Printed forms; some hand-written forms; mostly English language.

Micronesia. General. Reports on the Samoa Mission. Hawaiian and English language documents; Hawaiian language documents not translated.

Micronesia. General. General Meetings of the Micronesia Mission Minutes of the 1st general meeting, 1856; minutes of the 2nd, 1857; minutes of the 3rd, 1860. English language.

Micronesia. General. Committee on Foreign Missions. Reports submitted by Hiram Bingham II, Chairman, and C.M. Hyde, as well as others. English language.

Micronesia. General. Committee on Foreign Missions - Reports. English Language.

Micronesia. General. Church Statistics. Printed forms in Hawaiian language with English translations.
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