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N-1765 Mary Tenney Castle.tif
Philanthropy, education and religion were the interests that drove Mary Tenney Castle’s life; that she carried out her work in those fields in the Hawaiian Islands was a fate decided by her elder sister, Angeline Tenney Castle.

Mary became the…

N-1501 Mary Atherton Richards.tif
Mary Atherton Richards was the granddaughter of eighth company missionaries Amos Starr Cooke and Juliette Montague Cooke, and the daughter of Juliette Montague Atherton and Joseph Ballard Atherton. She was born in the 1821 Mission House which you can…

N-876 Juliette M Cooke.tif
Juliette Montague was a resourceful young woman in Sunderland, Massachusetts when she met Amos Starr Cooke in 1835. She had lost her father ten years earlier and had immediately begun supporting herself as a seamstress, after which she worked at a…

N-679 Anna Charlotte Rice Cooke.tif
Anna Rice Cooke founded the wonderful Honolulu Museum of Art. The youngest child of missionaries William and Mary Sophia Rice, she lived a simple life as a child but later travelled, with her mother, brother-in-law and his children, to Germany. Here…

N-3308 Charlotte Fowler Baldwin.tif
Charlotte Baldwin came to the islands of Hawaii with her husband of six
months in the fourth company of missionaries sent by the American Board of
Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the ABCFM. She was a well-educated
woman who had dedicated…
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