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HMCSL_Micronesia_Micronesia_Maram Jen Ebon Newspaper.pdf
Maram Jen Ebon Newspaper
January 1873
April 1873
July 1873
October 1873

16 pages total

Micronesia. Letters. Letters to and from the A.B.C.F.M. to the Micronesia Mission. English language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Gilbert Islands_178.pdf
Gilbert Islands. Church Reports. Tekeuwea, Joseph. Letter from Tabonteba, Apaiang to E. W. Clark in Honolulu, Hawaii. Gilbertese language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_Gilbert Islands_177.pdf
Gilbert Islands. Church Reports. Tekea, Andrew (catechist). Letters from Abaiang, Butaritari and Maiana. Gilbertese language.

HMCSL_Micronesia_GILBERT ISLANDS_170_Eng Translation.pdf
Gilbert Islands. Church Reports. Kuma (Pitts Island) & Makin. Reports by Robert Maka. Robert Maka served as a native Hawaiian missionary to Kuma and Makin. Reports include annual report for Makin dated Aug 1873; parish report for Makin and Kuma, 1875…
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