Boki - Ali`i Letters

Boki_XXXXXXXX_to Unknown.pdf

Boki documents events involving a man-o-war threatening violence due to outrage over the restriction of prostitution.

Boki_18260124_to unknown.pdf

Supposedly a letter from Boki to someone in Britain reporting some general news from Hawaiʻi, and emphasizing that Rev. Hiram Bingham is wanting to exercise total control over the Hawaiian people, something he firmly opposes. Boki denies writing this letter.

Boki_18260124_to Unknown.pdf

A note containing a letter published in the Quarterly Review and supposedly written by Boki to friends in England describing the conduct of American Missionaries in Hawai‘i.

Boki_18280731_to Unknown.pdf

Boki writes about a conversation he has with a “chief of the man a war” in which the “chief” expresses his objection towards the prostitution law.