Kalanimoku - Ali`i Letters

Kalanimoku and others_18250310_to Nahienaena and others.pdf

Kalanimoku, on behalf of Kaʻahumanu, informs the immediate royal family and close associates that Liholiho, Kamehameha II, and his queen, Kamāmalu, have died while away in Great Britain.

Kalanimoku_18250316_to Evarts.pdf

William Pitt Kalanimoku thanks Jeremiah Evarts for his influence in sending missionaries and the word of God to Hawaiʻi. Kalanimoku reports that many desire the word of God.

Kalanimoku_18261028_to Bingham.pdf

Kalaimoku writes to Rev. Hiram Bingham dismissing the blame placed on the missionaries for other foreigners' misconduct. He encourages their goodness and their teachings and professes his own faith in God.