Kapuaiwa - Ali`i Letters

Kapuaiwa_18430410_to Cooke.pdf

Lot Kapuaiwa writes a letter to Mr. Amos S. Cooke, his teacher, in order to practice his writing.
Kapuaiwa_18491010_to Bates.pdf

Lot Kapuaiwa tells Bates of his journey to San Francisco and his stay there at two hotels. He also confides in Bates that he and Bernice were once engaged to be married.
Kapuaiwa_18491031_to Bates.pdf

Lot Kapuāiwa writes Mr. Bates a quick note of his stay in San Francisco prior to departing for Panama and asks him to deliver letters to Bernice and his sister Victoria Kamāmalu.
Kapuaiwa_18671210_to Baldwin.pdf

Dwight Baldwin and his family are invited to Kamehameha V’s birthday celebration.
Kapuaiwa_18680713_to Gulick and Damon.pdf

Kapuaiwa thanks Gulick for the Bible and praises the work of the missionaries.