Kuakini - Ali`i Letters

Kuakini_XXXXXXXX_to Bingham.pdf

John Adams Kuakini asks the opinion of Rev. Hiram Bingham about Kuakini placing his name on a document regarding liquor vending.
Kuakini_18261206_to Loomis.pdf

Governor Adams writes to Loomis about his devotion to Jesus Christ and the path of righteousness.
Kuakini_18280819_to Evarts.pdf

A letter written on behalf of Adams to Evarts thanking him for a Book and a Probate, and also describing his excitement for the increase in the number of members of the church, and the enlightenment of the people of the land.
Kuakini_18280819_to Bingham.pdf

John Adams Kuakini sends Rev. Hiram Bingham a letter written for him by a doctor named John Pelham.