Kaahumanu - Ali`i Letters

Kaahumanu_182207XX_to Kamamalu.pdf

Kaʻahumanu writes to Kamehamalu to introduce Kaumualiʻi as her new husband, encourage more letter writing and send a gift of goby fish.

Kaahumanu_18301020_to Chamberlain.pdf

Kaʻahumanu writes to Mr. Chamberlain informing him of their meeting with church members and sending regards to the chiefs and missionary families.

Kaahumanu_18310911_to Evarts.pdf

Elisabeth Kaʻahumanu writes to Mr. Jeremiah Evarts regarding the success of the mission in Hawaiʻi. She includes her religious sentiments to the brethren of the A.B.C.F.M.

Bingham_18311124_to Evarts.pdf

Hiram Bingham writing to Jeremiah Evarts, Esq. discussing the translation of some letters from Kaahumanu to him, commenting on her burdens as a ruler bearing the yoke of Christ.

Kaahumanu_18270603_to Loomis.pdf

A letter from Ka‘ahumanu to Mr. and Mrs. Loomis requesting copies of the scriptures.